Earth's first immortal of the 21st century

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mark Ansara is here to help lead the Earth into the New Age, a Utopian Golden Age that is to last for the next couple of millennia. This is the meaning of the Aquarian Age - a return to an older, legendary time of unity, peace and harmony among mankind which once existed on Earth, a time which all of our myths and legends refer to, when we were fully realized (with all of our faculties - extrasensory perception (ESP), etc. - functional) and when gods walked the Earth.

Past Events

Immortality Seminars

Immortality Seminars

"Sharing the Good News:

The Philosophy and Science of

How to Have Perfect Health and Live Forever!"

In Memory

 Alec Burton, D.O., D.C.

The Late Alec Burton, 
M.Sc., D.O.(U.K.), M.R.O., MIAHP 
July 30, 1930 – March 21, 2016

'The Passing of a Legend: Alec Burton, D.O., D.C.'

"Dr. Alec Burton was one of the greatest modern exponents of Natural Hygiene. He will be missed, especially since many of the younger practitioners are teaching a watered-down version of the science.

I knew him fairly well, having met him or spoke to him on several occasions. I considered him to be a friend. His passing is a great loss to Natural Hygiene."

~ Mark Ansara, B.Sc., M.Div.


Courses of Study Offerings

Courses of Study Offerings

Lifestyle Management
Applied Nutrition, Part One
Applied Nutrition, Part Two

Mark Ansara, B.Sc., M.Div.


Mark Ansara
Advanced Wellness Studies
5 Wakunda Pl, Suite 105 
Toronto, ON M4A 1A2
, Canada

Dates and Times
To Be Announced.

Additional Classes
May be offered, if there is a demand for them.

Advanced Subjects
All courses are advanced and designed originally for health professionals. 

Photo by Toyin Coker 

For additional information or registration, please contact the course instructor, Mark Ansara, directly.

Books and Articles

The New World Order Does Exist: It's Now Official

by Mark Ansara, B. Sc.

Philosopher and Researcher Mark Ansara's new book proves the Illuminati exist, and have plans to ruin your life, and there is hope!

 And More Natural Hygiene Books and Articles

Past Event

Working with Angels Teleseminar

with Mark Ansara, B. Sc.

Call upon Angels; each of us has a Guardian Angel watching over us. 


The Law of Love

 Mark Ansara is the author of the definition of 
The Law of Love, as seen in the documentary:

A Message of Hope For the World
A Message Of Hope For The World: Mark Ansara Webinar Introductory Notes

Please click on the above image to view the documentary of 50 slides.

The Law of Mercy involves forgiving people for their errors. 
Mark Ansara teaches that if everybody (or at least most people) followed 
The Law of Love and The Law of Mercy constantly,
it would make for a better world and
reduce the number of problems in this world. 
The Law of Mercy

A Message Of Hope For The World: Mark Ansara Teachings

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