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World Peace Ambassadors 

Each of us has a responsibility to be a living example of peaceful ethical lifestyle choices. Please enter to be considered. Each chosen Ambassador will receive a free copy of the book: 
"The New World Order Does Exist:
It's Now Officia!l"
by Mark Ansara, B. Sc

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The New World Order Does Exist: It's Now Official

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Mark AnsaraAdvanced Wellness Studies

5 Wakunda Pl, Suite 105
Toronto, ON M4A 1A2

Telephone: 647-317-4533          
Please leave a message if not answered live.


  • Register for our lecture 'Sharing the Good News: The Philosophy and Science of How to Have Perfect Health and Live Forever!'
    with either:
     (a) the 'Suggested Admission' price of $20.00 CAD, or
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    Pay What You Choose (PWYC)' option  with  an amount greater than $20.00 CAD.
  • Then you are qualified to apply with the above form.
  • The book 'The New World Order Does Exist: It's Now Official!' by Mark Ansara, B. Sc., will be awarded from chosen applicants.

  • Chosen World Peace Ambassadors' awarded messages are  to be published, along with name and image (if available).

  • Each time we receive 20 new online registrations of $20 or greater for our lecture, we will choose someone.
  • Entries close at midnight, 12:01 am Eastern Time, on Friday, September 23, 2016.

Distribution of Awards

Chosen World Peace Ambassadors are responsible to pick up their book at the Awards to be given at the end of the lecture on September 24, 2016.

Probability of Being Chosen

An Award will be given every time we receive 20 new online registrations of $20 or greater, before the lecture, as explained in 'Eligibility'.

All entries received to date will be considered for each award. In other words, the earlier you register as a fully paid attendee of $20 or greater, the more often you will be considered to become one of our Ambassadors.


  • All terms, conditions and disclaimers that pertain to the web site "" are in effect, plus:
  • Entries that are fouled by technical difficulties – for instance, entries that are e-mailed and not received, or forms that can’t be submitted because a server is overloaded, will be considered by showing proof within 5 days after the event has taken place. 
  • Any kind of fraud will nullify an entry.

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