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Applied Nutrition, Part One
Fresh living greens are essential.

Applied Nutrition, Part One

An extensive overview of some basic dietary principles which apply to everyone. Begin to learn how to take control of your diet and your health will show considerable improvement. The following topics are covered:

  1. Lesson One: The Choice: Disease or Health
  2. Lesson Two: Humans and Their Food
  3. Lesson Three: The Happy Stomach – Digestion by Design
  4. Lesson Four: Food Combining for Health; Sequential Eating
  5. Lesson Five: Vitamins and Minerals
  6. Lesson Six: Enzymes and Hormones
  7. Lesson Seven: Supplements: Are They Good for You? And Why
  8. Lesson Eight: Hazards in Cooked Food        

Course Fees

Note: Includes all textbooks as described plus classroom instruction and related materials. 

Regular:  $175.00 Canadian Dollars (CAD) for all eight classes.
Option: You may choose to take just one or two of the individual classes of your choice for $25.00 each. 
Membership: Permaculture GTA Members qualify for 10% discount on all course tuition fees and materials. Thus, the fee for paid-up members will be $157.50 CAD for all eight classes. 


Required for all students.

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