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Applied Nutrition, Part Two
Mangoes are some of the best fruits.

Applied Nutrition, Part Two

While part one is an overview of nutritional principles, this section deals with some more specific and practical guidance on diet, as follows:

  1. Lesson One: The Nutritionist at Work – Responsibilities, Procedures, Specific Regimens and Diets; Learning to Eat in Courses
  2. Lesson Two: Frenzied Metabolism: Protein in the Diet; Dangers of a High-Protein Diet; with briefs on Osteoporosis, Aging, etc.
  3. Lesson Three: The Weight-Gain Procedure – Day-by-Day Presentation of Menus
  4. Lesson Four: The Weight-Loss Procedure – Pounds Away, the Healthy Way; Psychological Reasons; Popular Medical Methods; A 30-Day Program of Menus is included
  5. Lesson Five: Sixty Days of Menus and Recipes
  6. Lesson Six: The Exciting World of Healthful Cookery – A Cookbook for Newcomers to  Healthful Living and for Professionals to Use in Counseling Clients with Special Food Needs; Recipes galore!

Course Fees

Note: Includes all textbooks as described plus classroom instruction and related materials. 

Regular:  $130.00 Canadian Dollars (CAD) for all six classes.
Option: You may choose to take just one or two of the individual classes of your choice for $25.00 each. 
Membership: Permaculture GTA Members qualify for 10% discount on all course tuition fees and materials. Thus, the fee for paid-up members will be $117.00 CAD for all six classes. 


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