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Mark Ansar 2014 01 07

The New World Order Does Exist:
It's Now Official

by Mark Ansara, B. Sc., M.Div.

Philosopher and Researcher Mark Ansara's
 new book proves the Illuminati exist,
and have plans to ruin your life,
and there is hope!

Liquid Lunch 2014  01  07: Liz and John Triffo, Toyin Coker, John Berling Hardy,  Mark Ansara

Liquid Lunch 2014  01  07

 Mark Ansara appears in the video at 1:39:22. 

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1.) The New World Order Does Exist:
It's Now Official!!

by Mark Ansara, B. Sc.

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 The global conspiracy wants you dead – here's how to protect yourself! Explains who is behind it, what their plans are and some things you need to know to stay alive.
Signed copies available

$20.00 CAD

2.) Exploding the Germ Theory 
by Dr. Stanford Kingsley Claunch

$12.00 CAD

3.) Are You Being Poisoned By the Foods You Eat? 
by Dr. Raymond W. Bernard

$16.00 CAD

4.) Toxaemia Explained
by Dr. John H. Tilden

$16.00 CAD

5.) The Fiendish Fraud Called Immunization
by T. C. Fry

$12.00 CAD

6.) The Great Water Controversy
by T. C. Fry

$16.00 CAD

7.) What's Wrong with Eating Meat?
by Barbara Parham 

$16.00 CAD

8.) Program for Dynamic Health:
An Introduction to Natural Hygiene
by T. C. Fry

$16.00 CAD

9.) The Miracle of Living Foods
(Raw Food Treatment of Cancer)
by Dr. Kristine Nolfi 

$16.00 CAD

10.) 'Food Combining for Health' Charts, Laminated

Food Combining for Health charts

$4.00 CAD

Rules printed on Reverse, place-mat size 

Plus miscellaneous Articles on Natural Hygiene:

Articles are written by various authors on the subject. They include such names as Dr. Herbert M. Shelton, Dr. William Esser, Dr. Christopher Gian-Cursio, and Dr. Elizabeth D. McCarter.

a.) Time to Rethink the Germ Theory 

$1.00  CAD each

b.) The Killers of Humanity

$1.00  CAD each

c.) What to Expect When You Improve your Diet 

$1.00  CAD each

d.) How Are Foods Rated?

$1.00  CAD each


e.)Acid-Alkaline Food Chart
     (included free with any book order)

f.) What Results Can Be Expected When We Adopt a Physiologically-Oriented Nutritional Regime?
      (included free with any book order)

Other articles are available on demand on any health or disease-related topic. All inquiries are welcomed.

Total Health Show 2016 Price List


The Great Herbal Delusion: Why Herbs Should Not be Used, edited by Mark Ansara, B. Sc.               


     (New book: a collection of articles explaining problems with using herbs, their side effects and

      lists of some common herbs and their effects; with contributions from Dr. Herbert M. Shelton,

      T. C. Fry, Marti Wheeler, Mike Benton, Susan Hazard, Ph. D., et al. Information hard to find


Program for Dynamic Health: An Introduction to Natural Hygiene – The Only True Health

     System, by T. C. Fry                                                                                                                   $16.00

     (T. C. Fry's first book! A clear and commonsense overview of the entire Natural Hygiene

      program; it represents a way of life based on Nature's laws – healthful living and eating for

      ideal health.)                                                                                                                      

The Great Water Controversy: Guiding You to the Proper Use of Water: Exposing the Many

     Myths and Fallacious Notions About Water, by T. C. Fry                                                     $15.00

      (There is much confusion about water: is it safe to drink?; what is the best kind of water:

       tap water, well water, rain water, mineral water, spring water, distilled water, hard water,

       soft water? All your questions about this important topic are clearly answered by one of the best

       teachers of healthful living.)

The Fiendish Fraud Called Immunization, by T. C. Fry                                                            $12.00

     (Vaccination/immunization, contrary to popular opinion and medical propaganda, represents

      a serious threat to our health and our lives; it is a part of the huge global New World Order

      conspiracy, something which everyone needs to be warned about. Reveals some of the deadly

      effects of vaccines, which every parent or prospective parent should know. The book also has an

      added section briefly describing the disadvantages of taking cow's milk as a food.)

You Don't Have to be Sick, by Jack Dunn Trop                                                                             $5.00

    (This small paperback contains a step-by-step introduction to the normal way of living called

     Natural Hygiene, with much practical guidance and a valuable self-help quiz for improving your

     health. Highly recommended.)

Please Don't Smoke in Our House, by Jack Dunn Trop                                                                $5.00

  (Do you want to quit smoking, or do you know somebody who does? This book offers a program that will help in all, cases of addiction, not just to tobacco, but to all pernicious habits. If you don't need to stop smoking, then it still has value as a treatise on Natural Hygiene.)     



Food Combining for Health chart, by the Canadian Natural Health Association                              

                                                                                                                          only $3.00 each or 2/$5.00               

    (This plastic-laminated 9” x 14” chart colourfully illustrates the different food groups and right

     and wrong combinations for improved digestion and better health.  Colour photos on the front, a

     brief explanation and references for further reading on the back. Our most popular product!!)


(Unless stated otherwise, all articles are $1.00 each.)

Announcing the Greatest Health Discovery! A New Miracle Cure for Everything – A True

      Panacea, by T. C. Fry et al.

The Idea of Contagion – An Easily Believable Medical Myth, by T. C. Fry and

                                                                                                              Dr. Herbert M. Shelton


The Great Supplement Hoax! How to Get Your Vitamins and Minerals; Shouldn't We Take

  Supplements Just to Be On the Safe Side?, by T. C. Fry et al.                                                   $2.00

Proper Food Combining for Easy Digestion and Wonderful Health, by T. C. Fry et al.           $3.00             

  (This collection of articles contains a simplified version of the above chart, plus it gives much more

   detailed information on this important subject. Highly recommended.)


Time to Rethink the Germ Theory, by Renate Meyer

 (reprinted from raum and zeit magazine, Vol. 2, No. 6, 1991; translated by Karl H. Maret, M. D.)

The Killers of Humanity, by Lewis E. Cook, Jr. & Junko Yasui                                                     50¢                                                                  

  (extracted from the book “GOLDOT: The Doctrine of Truth – Guidebook of Life – Doctrine of

   Truth”; now rare and out-of-print)

Problems with Meat, by John A. Scharffenberg, M. D., M. P. H.                                                   50¢

  (Explains some of the specific diseases that are related to meat-eating; taken from the book

   “Problems with Meat”.)

Acid-Alkaline Food Chart                                                                                                                   50¢

  (A list of foods showing which ones are acid-forming and which are alkaline-forming in the body;

   for best health you MUST eat mostly, if not entirely, (80% - 100%) alkaline-forming foods.)

How Are Foods Rated?                                                                                                                        50¢

  (A chart that lists and rates common foods on a scale of 0 to 100, using several major criteria, such

   as delectability, toxicity, digestibility and nutritiousness; this will guide you in selecting the best

   foods for your diet and those which you should avoid.)

What to Expect When You Improve Your Diet, by Stanley S. Bass, D. C.                                  

  (An important article which should be read by all health-seekers; when you reform your diet, you

   should expect withdrawal symptoms and detoxification – sometimes severe – and be prepared to

   accept it (it's a sign that the body is improving itself.)

What Results Can Be Expected When We Adopt a Physiologically-Oriented Nutritional

   Regimen?, by Elizabeth D. McCarter, D. Sc.                                                                                 50¢

  (This short article lists some of the benefits of improving your diet.)

How to Live Forever: Stopping and Reversing the Ageing Process, by Mark Ansara, B. Sc.   $2.00           

  (A breakthrough in the science of antiageing and nutrition; the true cause of ageing is now

   revealed and therefore how to prevent it; you don't have to be sick, grow old or die – this program

   shows you how; it will help in all cases of degenerative disease – ageing, cancer, arthritis, etc.)

What is Natural Hygiene?                                                                                                                   50¢

  (A short article that explains what Natural Hygiene – the true science of health – is all about and

   gives some basic principles. A great introduction for those new to this subject.)

Vomiting in Pregnancy, by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

  (Must reading for every prospective mother.)

Neuritis, by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

Hard Arteries, by Dr. Herbert M. Shelton

Anaemia, by William L. Esser, N. D.

Making Pregnancy a Joy, by Christopher Gian-Cursio., N. D.

Rare Health Magazines (back issues of Natural Hygiene magazines, all of which are now out-of-print)

Health Science                                                                                                                         $10.00 each                                                                                                                                       

   (The official publication of the American Natural Hygiene Society (now the National Health

    Association – the oldest extant and the largest Natural Hygiene organization in the world;

    21 different issues available – all contain numerous articles, cartoons, humour, letters, etc. from

    some of the leading authorities.)         

Healthful Living                                                                                     $5.00 each or $12.00 for the set

  (The magazine of Life Science, the Natural Hygiene organization founded by T. C. Fry, one of the

   deepest students and greatest teachers of this basic science; 3 different issues available. These are

   now scarce and hard-to-find, since the organization is no longer in business and the founder is


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