Earth's first immortal of the 21st century

Future Lectures

The list below is a small sample of the hundreds of topics that Mark Ansara can eloquently speak on.

Please let us know  what your selected desires are on our following opinion page.
Future Lectures

  • How to Maintain Your Body in Alkaline State for Perfect Health

  • The Falseness of the Germ Theory and the True Cause of Disease plus 
    How To Prevent it and How To Eliminate All Disease from your Life

  • Spiritual Laws that Everyone Should Know

  • Working with Angels and Spiritual Guides

  • Advanced Technology Which You Don't Know About Because It Has Been Suppressed

  • The New World Order and How to Stop It

  • The Case for Reincarnation

  • The Reality of Extraterrestrials, their Involvement in our Creation and History and our True Relationship to Them, as well as The Interest of the Galactic Federation in Earth

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