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Immortality Seminars

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How to Live Forever Naturally
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"Sharing the Good News:

The Philosophy and Science of

How to Have Perfect Health

and Live Forever!"
We will explore the true history of immortality, the real meaning of "eternal life," as taught in various religions and scriptures and examine cutting-edge research on the means of self-regeneration (body, mind and spirit), and learn the true cause of all disease, ageing and its prevention. Immortality methods within Mark's teachings are natural, because people are already naturally immortal and you can learn how to awaken it within your own bodies.

This is a simple and practical science that to date has been known to only a few.

Now, in the 21st century, it is time to release this vital knowledge to the public. For the first time, you will be privy to fascinating secret truths previously available solely to the most diligent truth seekers.

How To Become Immortal

Tuesday September 13, 2016

Mark Ansara, B.Sc.,  M.Div., spoke about his key concepts leading to Physical Immortality 
and more with Hugh Reilly of on Liquid Lunch.

About the Author and Public Speaker, Mark Ansara

About the Author and Public Speaker, Mark Ansara
As a diligent scholar, Mark connects the forefronts of research in the areas of Nutrition, Wellness and Natural Hygiene and has developed his own brilliant approach to achieving perfect health and physical immortality. His advanced knowledge and decades of experience places him at the apex of leadership in these fields.

An alumnus of Ryerson University in Toronto, and a graduate of Edinburgh University, Cambridge, Yale and Princeton Theological Seminary, as well as a devoted student of Natural Hygiene (the TRUE science of health), he is also one of the leading students of T. C. Fry's College of Life Science. 

An accomplished Advanced Master, Mark has been called a true philosopher and "Earth's first immortal of the 21st century!"

Piort Grzywacz Interviewed Mark Ansara

September 3rd, 2016

Piort Grzywacz

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161 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2L3
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Thank you Nash and staff for your excellent care that made the weekend a success promoting our lecture for September 24th!

"Immortality Seminars" Lecture Time and Location

Roncesvalles United Church

Saturday, September 24, 2016,
2 pm

Roncesvalles United Church

240 Roncesvalles Ave.
(corner of Wright Ave. & Roncesvalles)
Toronto, ON 
M6R 2L8


Please enjoy our flyer:

Comment: '5 Doctors Quotes About Dying That Will Give You Hope'

'5 Doctors Quotes About Dying That Will Give You Hope'

"While the theory correctly suggests that it is scientifically possible to make us immortal, no major breakthroughs have been made in this field, as far as I am aware. I can assume that the scientists who are talking about achieving immortality are speculating about the possibility of identifying and turning off a so-called "immortality gene" in the human genome. While this may well be possible, they would mean that it can be done by surgical intervention. My methods are completely safe and natural and don't require any medical intervention. Perhaps, I have discovered a natural way to do the same thing as the surgery. Thus, my means would involve no risk and not require any expensive medical procedures; my approach is available NOW at no cost to the individual.

Oh, one last comment. There is a doctor who is selling a product and information on improving the condition of telomeres (which are attached to the genes in our cells, and which are apparently involved in the ageing process). He has observed their effect on ageing and has concluded that this is the basic cause of the ageing process. I disagree. The shrinking of the telomeres with ageing is an effect of the process, not the primary cause. While what he is offering is probably harmless, it is not going to cure ageing; at best, it may somewhat slow down the process. I think that people who buy his products may be wasting their money. Remember, what I am teaching offers a practical approach that can be used by anyone at zero cost."

~ Mark Ansara, B.Sc., M.Div.


age limit
Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event? 

Yes. This event is for adults and mature children who will be able to quietly appreciate the science. Relating to children, the program needs to be modified for use with children and then it is superbly excellent to raise all children.
504 King streetcar
What are my transport/parking options getting to the event? 

Driving: There are many nearby street parking spots. 

TTC: Take the 504 King streetcar from Dundas West Station 4 stops (6 minutes) to High Park Blvd. and walk a few steps south to the venue front door. 
wheelchair ramp
Is there a wheelchair ramp available?

Yes. Please contact us in advance for special arrangements.
What can't I bring to the event? 
no cameras
No Audio or Video Recording

Please, for the enjoyment of everyone, do not bring equipment to record this event with either audio or video. 

Scent Free Zone

Please do not wear scents on your body such as perfumes and fragrances.

no cell phones
No Wireless Devices

Please leave your wireless frequency enabled devices such as cell phones and 'Smart' phones at home. Even if set on "completely off" some of them will still transmit a beacon signal. 
Eventbrite ticket

What do I need to bring to the event? 

A printed paper Eventbrite ticket.

Free Gifts for Each Attendee with Registration of $20 or More


  1. Mark Ansara's article "How to Live Forever".

  2. One laminated 'Food Combining for Health' Chart, with rules on the reverse, to be given at the end of the presentation.
Food Combining Chart

World Peace Ambassadors

Each chosen Ambassador will receive a free copy of the book: 
'The New World Order Does Exist: It's Now Official!'

 'The New World Order Does Exist: It's Now Official!

Register for "Immortality Seminars":
"Philosophy and Science of How to Have Perfect Health and Live Forever!"

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Oh, one more thing:
Suggested Admission, $20.00 CAD per person,
or Pay What You Choose
 (PWYC) or Free.
Please register by Eventbrite which securely processes our tickets for our

Immortality Seminars

Please Note: 

1.   Please pre-register and print a paper ticket in order to attend and bring it with you to be admitted.

2.   Complimentary (Free) tickets are reserved for those who cannot afford any amount to donate.
Please allow those who need this option the most to enjoy these seats.

3.  We expect it may take several generations for a small group to achieve this outcome. In general, almost everyone can benefit from lifestyle improvements. This advanced physical Immortality knowledge is also intended for elders to train our young people, as our ancestors laid groundwork for us. Whenever making progressive changes to your diet and/or lifestyle, we ask you to do so under supervision of your licensed personal physician; however, you have a consititutional right to self-care..

Q & A

Written questions will be accepted after the presentation.

Future Lectures

Private Consultations with Mark Ansara

Mark would examine a person's diet and lifestyle and make specific recommendations regarding how that person can begin to improve his/her life.
Private Consultations with Mark Ansara
Working with Angels Teleseminar
Immortality Seminars

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