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Lifestyle Management
Choose to form healthy habits.

Lifestyle Management

An introductory course covering briefly all aspects of healthful living. This particular course may well be the most important course a prospective health activist could take. Unless one learns about and understands causes of disease, the requisites of life and the laws of life, he/she will lack the vital information needed by all well-informed counselors of healthful living or by those seeking better health for themselves and their loved ones.

Subjects Covered

Note: Each lesson covers the content of a textbook, which is included in the course fees.

  1. Lesson One: The Grand Concept – Healthful Living
  2. Lesson Two: The Coming Revolution in Health Care
  3. Lesson Three: Taking the Mystery Out of Disease
  4. Lesson Four: The Master Plan of Life
  5. Lesson Five: A Decision for Health
  6. Lesson Six: The Fasting Experience
  7. Lesson Seven: Steps to the Top of the Citadel
  8. Lesson Eight: Socializing Naturally!

Course Fees

Note: Includes all textbooks as described plus classroom instruction and related materials. 

Regular:  $175.00 CAD for all eight classes
Option: You may choose to take just one or two of the classes of your choice for $25.00 each. 


Required for all students.

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