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About the Author and Public Speaker, Mark Ansara

About the Author and Public Speaker, Mark Ansara

Mark Ansara is a Toronto-based health activist and teacher, with a particular focus on Natural Hygiene – the true science of health, a field in which he has been involved for nearly forty years. A diligent scholar and an avid bibliophile, he has collected books for over fifty years and he now maintains an extensive reference library on Natural Hygiene and related subjects, perhaps the largest of its kind in Canada. His dedication to the field came about when, desperately seeking a solution to several serious health problems, (including high blood pressure, migraine headaches, overweight, depression and cardiac arrhythmia), he stumbled upon Natural Hygiene and gave it a try – with miraculous results.

His formal education includes studying and graduating from the finest available course in Natural Hygiene: the College of Life Science, founded by T. C. Fry, another true devotee of Natural Hygiene. He also was a student of the programs of Drs. Robert and Elizabeth McCarter, of Bionomics Health Research Institute fame. (Upon their deaths, he came into inheritance of their extensive Natural Hygiene library, and he now possesses sole copyright to their books and literature.) His additional studies have involved courses in electrical engineering, medicine, theology and work in the areas of biology, anthropology, ufology and parapsychology. [He holds formal degrees in biology and theology, as well as his degree in Nutrition and Health Sciences (Natural Hygiene)]. 
He has had articles published in various locations, including the newsletters of the Toronto Vegetarian Association, Canadian Natural Hygiene Society and Canadian Vegans for Animal Rights, and the journal Cause and Effect. He has been a speaker for the Toronto Vegetarian Association, Canadian Natural Hygiene Society, Canadian Natural Health Association and elsewhere. As a longtime member of such local organizations as the Toronto Vegetarian Association and the Canadian Natural Hygiene Society, he served as a TVA director, including working as their Treasurer, and as Membership Chairman of the Canadian Natural Hygiene Society, where he also worked as their office manager and their first paid employee. His other memberships have included the American Natural Hygiene Society, the British Natural Hygiene Society, the Non-Smokers’ Rights Association (he also did volunteer work for them, including participation in the campaign to ban smoking in public in Toronto), and the Consumer Health Organization of Canada. 

Currently, he remains active in publishing and sale of rare Natural Hygiene books and literature, sharing a booth every year at the annual Total Health Conference each spring in Toronto. He is also the author of the book, “The New World Order Does Exist: It’s Now Official!!!”

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