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An in-depth study of disease, its nature, causes, prevention and rational means of treatment. You don't have to be sick! Learn how to effect permanent recovery. We will focus on specific forms of illness, as follows:      

  1. Lesson One: Constipation – Five Steps to Regularity
  2. Lesson Two: Candida Albicans
  3. Lesson Three: Arthritis
  4. Lesson Four: Allergies
  5. Lesson Five: Diabetes and Hypoglycemia – The Twin Diseases
  6. Lesson Six: The Sexual Male
  7. Lesson Seven: The Kidneys, Gall Bladder and Liver
  8. Lesson Eight: The Skin: Oh, So Beautiful!
  9. Lesson Nine: Hair Care
  10. Lesson Ten: The Origin and Detection of Disease
  11. Lesson Eleven: Exercises in Sickness and Recuperation; Corrective Exercises;  Body Mechanics: General Exercise Routines for the Whole Body

Course Fees

Note: Includes all textbooks as described plus classroom instruction and related materials. 

Regular:  $250.00 Canadian Dollars (CAD) for all eleven classes.
Option: You may choose to take just one or two of the individual classes of your choice for $25.00 each. 
Membership: Permaculture GTA Members qualify for 10% discount on all course tuition fees and materials. Thus, the fee for paid-up members will be $225.00 CAD for all eleven classes. 


Required for all students.

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