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How To Purchase From The Internet, Cross Border Shop and Karmically Support Good Business Practices!

The world wide web has been an amazing creation of information and convenience. 

Advanced Wellness Studies recommends the following suggestions:

Internet Shopping Tips

Here's what you need to know. Choose carefully who you purchase from. Please check pricing carefully, and if significantly different, we would appreciate if you report it to us.

How To Purchase An Item Located Out of Your Country

a. Shipping Costs - Add in more expenses when shipping over the Canadian border to you.

b. Customs Broker Costs
 - These additional costs can average from $25 to $70 or more, to allow a product into your country, because a customs broker is assigned, either automatically or by choice. For example, if you ship by a well-known more expensive customs broker, they often charge double what other customs brokers charge.

c. Approval Codes 
- Documenting these on all products that have it can reduce your duty or even eliminate it. Believe me, shippers do NOT take the time to look them up for you.

d. Duty –
Add an extra amount to the product because it is not made in your country.

e. Taxes -
Provincial/State and/or duty taxes.

f. Customs Delays 
 Customs could hold any items that are priced suspiciously low or have improper paperwork. Even if it is accurate, shipments can be held at the border for days or even weeks!

If your product is refused, it can be days or weeks for products to be returned to the us, the shipper, and even longer for you to get your money returned! In the worst case, customs can actually throw the product away!

If you have someone from your country who is visiting Canada and can bring your purchases to you in person, it is the better way.

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