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What is Natural Hygiene?

Natural Hygiene
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Natural Hygiene is the study of the art and science of natural living. It is a way of life. The principles of Natural Hygiene are based upon natural laws. Natural Hygiene concerns itself with the cause of disease and the physiological and biological needs to regain and maintain optimal health. Thus, Natural Hygiene, and not medicine, in any of its various forms and modalities, is the true science of health. 
Our biological needs include: fresh, pure air; pure water; sunlight; pure, wholesome, natural foods of the kind to which we are biologically adapted; exercise; play and recreation; rest; sleep; comfortable temperature; cleanliness, both external and internal; mental and emotional poise; self-mastery; security of life and its means; creative, useful work; belonging to a group or social circle; satisfaction of our aesthetic senses; and developing a positive attitude towards life. We believe that the body will heal itself, given the right conditions. 
Hygienists believe that we, and we alone, are responsible for our own well-being and that health is not acquired through taking drugs, pills, remedies or treatments. Changing to a more natural diet and lifestyle will allow the body’s wonderful healing process to work more efficiently. Thus, many common ills will minimize or disappear completely. 

Basic Health Principles

• Radiant, vibrant, superb health is normal.
• Health is achieved only by living healthfully.
• Disease is a remedial process conducted by the body.
• Toxemia/toxicosis (excess toxins or poisons in the blood and/or tissues) is the basic cause of “dis-ease.”
• There are no “cures,” the body is self-healing and self-repairing.
• Causes must be removed, not just symptoms.
• Fasting is nature’s way to recovery.
• Proper food combining is a digestive necessity.
• The human biological diet is raw/uncooked veganism (plant-based diet), with the emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables.

You will Learn by Studying Natural Hygiene

• The superiority of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouts, as opposed to cooked and processed foods and dietary supplements.
• Harmful effects of too much protein.
• Harmful effects of drugs and medicines.
• Harmful effects of food additives, chemical sprays and pesticides.
• Harmful effects of animal flesh, dairy products and other animal foods.
• Harmful effects of vaccination.
• Fasting as a way to detoxify the body and assist in recovery from disease.
• Utilizing fasting as a means to regain and maintain vigorous health.

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